AGC of America PAC

PACTo complement its advocacy efforts, AGC of America maintains a $1 million political action committee – AGC PAC, as well as a network of grassroots activists to make sure the industry’s voice is heard at all levels of government. Established in 1977, AGC PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) sponsored by AGC of America. It is registered with the U.S. Federal Election Commission and allows eligible employees of AGC member companies to pool personal, voluntary financial contributions. The contributions are used to support candidates running for elective office who, regardless of party affiliation, understand the construction industry and the specific needs, interests and concerns of AGC member companies and their employees. AGC PAC’s ongoing tenacity and resolve in the political arena have made it one of the most recognized and well-respected PACs on Capitol Hill, ranking it among the top 75 trade association PACs in the nation – earning it the status of “Heavy Hitter” from the Center for Responsive Politics.

AGC of East Tennessee’s PAC fund is used to provide funds to local and state candidates who support the construction industry.
Browse and download the available resources below:

AGC PAC General Information
•Frequently Asked Questions – This F.A.Q. answers the basic questions most individuals have about AGC PAC.

Federal PAC Regulations
• Introduction to Federal PAC Regulations Presentation – This PowerPoint presentation provides material on the basic federal election regulations governing trade association PACs as well as AGC PAC’s operating procedures for accepting/soliciting contributions.
• Prior Authorization & AGC PAC – If you are interested in learning more about the prior authorization requirement and how it applies to

AGC PAC you will definitely want to read this brief document.
• Why Your Company Should Give AGC PAC Prior Authorization –

• Prior Authorization Form – A corporate member company must grant prior authorization before any individual in its restricted class can be solicited. Prior authorization is granted when an authorized representative completes and signs this form.
• Contribution Form for Individuals at Corporate Member Companies – All eligible individuals who make a contribution to AGC PAC need to complete the contribution form to ensure their PAC record is up-to-date so the correct information can be filed with the Federal Election

• Non-Corporate Company Contribution Form – AGC PAC can solicit contributions from non-corporate member companies. These companies are partnerships or LLCs that do not elect corporate treatment for tax purposes (excludes LLCs that are S-Corps), or are sole proprietorships. Individuals at these companies cannot be solicited for a personal contribution.
• 2014 Candidate Questionnaire – All first-time candidates seeking support from AGC PAC will be required to complete our candidate questionnaire. Completed questionnaires will be shared with the chapter(s) who operates in the state/congressional district.