Ethical Conduct

The Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of efficient and scientific construction methods and the elimination of wasteful and unsafe practices. The Association has guarded against improper practices within the industry and must continue to do so by scrupulously avoiding any action which might prove to be incompatible with the public interest and the best interests of the construction industry as a whole.

The Association realizes that the vital impact which the construction industry has upon the well-being, comfort and safety of the entire public, injects into the general contractor’s function an element of professional responsibility which is founded upon honor and trust. This responsibility requires, among other things, improvement of construction methods, management and services, elimination of uneconomical and improper practices and continued efforts to build responsibility throughout the industry. It surely cannot mean less than the establishment of construction services which will provide to the public an assurance of faithful performance.

The governing of business conduct by legislation is not only undesirable but practically impossible. Industries and individuals, in order to retain the benefits arising from free initiative, and to avoid the burdens of regulatory legislation, must accept responsibility for fair and intelligent self-government. Such self-discipline does not require a profound knowledge of law and legal procedure, but merely the courage to abide by self-imposed restraints and principles which the intelligent and fair-minded majority of any industry clearly understands. Such courage is especially needed in the construction industry which so vitally affects the entire nation.

A principle that can be accepted without reservation and one recognized by fair-minded persons everywhere is that contracts, whether written or oral, should be performed with the same good faith and intent with which the parties entered into the agreement. Any disagreement concerning intent should be settled by negotiation if possible, or by alternative dispute resolution methods, in preference to legal action.

The general contractor must always deal fairly with employees and be interested in their well-being. Sound policies should be established for the safety and health of workers, implemented by supervisory staff and practiced by all employees for their own protection and that of their fellow workers.

Business relations with architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers should be conducted in conformance with advisory guidelines for fair treatment which have been developed and published through the joint efforts of this Association and the other professional societies and industry trade associations.

In order to maintain the Association’s reputation for Skill, Integrity and Responsibility, all Conventions and Board Meetings should continue to be open to the public, the press and all interested persons to the maximum extent feasible.

The Associated General Contractors of America promotes the principles of SKILL, INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY.