Government Affairs

AGC of America’s Government Affairs department focuses on federal legislative and regulatory issues that impact the construction industry. Subject matter experts are hired to focus on issues such as: infrastructure funding, labor, tax, federal procurement and safety.
AGC of East Tennessee’s Legal and Legislative Committee focuses on local and state government for issues impacting the construction industry in our region.

AGC of America Legislative Priorities
AGC works with the Legislative Action Committee to create a legislative agenda every two years, to coincide with the start of each new congressional session. Issues are added or removed from the legislative agenda based on three factors: the top issues of importance for a majority of AGC members, the timeliness of each individual issue and the achievability of success.

AGC’s legislative agenda is focused around creating a positive environment for public and private construction by enacting:
• Stable and reasonable regulations
• Stable and reasonable tax policy, and
• Stable and reasonable public funding decisions.