The Value of Planroom

AGC of East Tennessee offers members up-to-date project information. The planroom provides a clean and comfortable setting in which to work. Planroom members may gain entry into the planroom twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with card key access. AGC of East Tennessee maintains relationship with regional architects and engineers to provide members with projects. Blueprints and specifications are entered into our computer as they are collected allowing blueprints and specifications to be viewed online for your convenience.

The AGC of East Tennessee planroom publication, The Construction News Report, is compiled weekly and emailed to planroom members. This important publication provides pertinent information about each project along with a list of bidders with pertinent contact information. In addition to project information, a list of member companies is listed in the front of the publication by their classification.
The AGC of East Tennessee Planroom also offers a daily electronic document, the Daily Update, which is emailed daily to planroom members highlighting new projects received and changes to existing projects. By clicking on the project in the listing, the plan legend and specification index are available to assist in ordering blue-print copies and specifications. Blueprint copies are available in black and white or color.

Bid Results are available on the website showing the known three apparent lowest bidders for each project as they become available.

Being an AGC Planroom member means:
• A convenient location for viewing blueprints and specifications.
• Twenty-Four hour access with a card key system.
• Accurate, up-to-date information.
• All bidding information at your fingertips.