The Construction Leadership Council


We are in the process of re-establishing our CLC in the coming months.

Who are the AGC Construction Leadership Council?  The CLC is a program sponsored by the Associated General Contractors of East Tennessee to address the needs of young professionals in the construction industry.  The CLC will function as a venue for young professionals to network, socialize and exchange ideas about work and the industry.  Professional development and leadership are high priorities for those involved.

What Are the Benefits of Membership?  The benefits of membership are especially important to young men and women coming up through the ranks in any business.  The construction industry is no exception.  As a member of the Construction Leadership Council, you will be given numerous opportunities to forge friendships and contacts that will be helpful to you in years to come.  Activities provide a common ground for making these contacts with people your own age as well as older individuals who have similar interest.  As you grow in age and move up the ladder, the older individuals you have met along the way may provide you with invaluable mentoring.  The networking possibilities are limited only by the extent of your own involvement.  In addition to networking, the CLC members are also involved with the East Ridge High School Construction Career Academy (ERHSCCA).

Why Should I Get Involved? 
*  To have an open forum to exchange ideas
*  To learn about industry involvement
*  To foster a strong network among peers
*  To create and promote industry innovation
*  To discuss the most important issues and provide feedback to AGC leadership

How Do I Get Involved?  Becoming a member of the AGC CLC is simple.  To be a member you must have some involvement in the Construction Industry through your job.  The suggested age limit for membership is 40 years of age or younger, however, we welcome everyone to participate in our activities.  While the CLC is sponsored and supported by the AGC of East Tennessee, you or your firm do not have to be members of AGC to be a member of the CLC.

How Do I Join?  Click here for an Application for Membership in the CLC.

What Does Membership Cost? Dues in the AGC CLC are $150 annually per person.

What Do I Receive for My Dues?  AGC CLC members may participate in all the planned activities FREE of charge.