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AGC Webinar: Scheduling Best Practices


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The intended purpose of scheduling on a construction project is to help ensure that all activities necessary to complete the work in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents are properly planned, staffed, coordinated and executed in an orderly and expeditious manner. Schedules not only assist in compelling the proper coordination of the work, but they also contribute to the owner's decision making with respect to the evaluation of the contractor's payment applications and proposed changes to the contract.
Without a clearly articulated scheduling specification in the contract documents, proper project scheduling may be dispensed with as a way of saving costs. Standard contracts often provide very little direction to the contractor with respect to project scheduling requirements. Elements such as specific timing, level of detail, content and formatting, among others, are often not addressed clearly, if at all. As such, adequate project schedules will very likely not be developed and the multiple benefits of creating them will not be achieved.
This webinar's goal is to demonstrate the importance of a detailed project schedule specification in a construction contract and identify the key components that can be used by both parties for better project control, decision-making and, if necessary, resolution of claims.

Learning Objectives:

• What schedule requirements are typically delineated in standard contracts
• Why an owner would want to include a detailed scheduling specification in a construction contract
• What key elements should be considered for incorporation in a detailed scheduling specification
• What common challenges and realities need to be considered in developing a detailed scheduling specification and
• What role the owner should expect to play in the development and execution of project schedules