2018 Proposed State Legislation

Senate Bill 2188 proposed by Lundberg:   

 As introduced, creates the "Multi-state Economic Development Compact" to promote the development of underdeveloped areas in Tennessee and other compact states, and to create a development authority that incorporates public and private partnerships to facilitate the economic growth of such areas. 

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Senate Bill 1603 proposed by Yager: 

As introduced, changes the timing of when retainage is due a contractor and when, and in what manner, notice of the initial retainage deposit in an escrow account is made.

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House Bill 1763 proposed by Marsh:

 As introduced, specifies the processes by which a contract for construction of buildings or improvements, the expenditure for which is estimated, projected, or budgeted to be $1 million or more, may be awarded.

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Senate Bill 1755 proposed by Gardenhire:

As introduced, requires a county school system to transfer all real and personal property it owns within the boundaries of the municipality that is creating or reactivating a municipal school system to the municipal school system.

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