Zoning Code Revisions

Zoning Code Update:  Seeking Member Review

The Chattanooga / Hamilton County Regional Planning Authority has launched an initiative to revise zoning codes in the city, and likely the county.  The intent is to provide better standards that will allow for more “modern” development projects, encourage more mixed-use, create better housing options, transit flow, and ease site development process and administration. 

AGC East Tennessee will be analyzing recommended changes to evaluate development regulations and restrictions, feasibility of implementation, construction requirements, enforcement, and proposed administrative procedures. 

We are seeking members (engineers, surveyors, site development, contractors, and subcontractors) to help us evaluate the recommendations.  Please contact Leslie Gower at leslie@agcetn.org or (423) 265-1111 if you are willing to serve on this important task force. 

Below are documents that have been released by consultants for RPA