Strengths and Leadership

Strengths Assessment and Exemplary Leadership Course

Thursday, March 30 and

Friday, March 31

8:30 – 10:30 am

Construction Career Center

This 2-session course is designed for professionals to identify their core strengths and lean into those strengths to build formidable leadership skills.  Participants will take an online Birkman Assessment prior to the course and with the guidance of Mike Harrell, founder of Latitude Advisors, will use this tool through interactive engagement to elevate your personal attributes.

This session is one of 13 sessions included in the Construction Leadership Course.  For emerging leaders, we recommend exploring the CLC to delve deeper into leadership development.  Click here to learn more about the Construction Leadership Course.

Session 1, March 30:  Identifying Personal Strengths / Birkman Assessment

Leaders set the tone, expectations, and attitudes of their organizations, and because these key individuals have such a great influence on those around them, they must develop impeccable awareness of their behavior and of how others interpret it. Equally important for leaders is having the ability to manage and lead in a way that is well received by others and the ability to effectively communicate during high pressure moments.

Attendees will take a Birkman Assessment prior to the class. In this session, each participant will receive a copy of their report outlining interests, strengths, needs, and stress behaviors.  Latitude Advisors will review individual results, perform exercises to review Birkman data, and explore how strengths of others can be leveraged to enhance performance.

​Session 2, March 31:  Elements of Exemplary Leaders and Personal Leadership Style

Now that you’ve identified your strengths, how do you leverage those attributes into successful leadership?  This session will discuss application of your strengths in building a dynamic team and corporate culture, explore the Five Exemplary Practices of leadership, and evaluate individual alignment.  Based on Birkman Assessment results, attendees will identify and explore personal leadership styles and identify possible relational disrupters.

Registration deadline is March 23. Participants must take the online Birkman Assessment by March 24. A link to the assessment will be sent after registration. Participants must attend in person.

$350 for AGC members
$700 for Non-AGC members
$150 for Students