Legislative Priorities

Our Legislative Priorities

Our collective voice makes change happen.

    With more than 6,000 construction employees in our association, AGC East Tennessee is the unified voice of the construction industry in east Tennessee, leading efforts to support laws favorable to the construction industry, business profitability, and the safety of our workforce. 

    ​AGC East Tennessee serves as the primary watchdog for legislative issues and policies on the local level, and partners with our sister association, AGC Tennessee, to monitor state legislation.


    • Construction Law
    • Energy and Environment
    • Infrastructure
    • Labor & HR
    • Procurement
    • Safety & Health
    • Tax
    • Technology
    • Workforce Development


    • Programs and opportunities that increase the quality and quantity of the construction-industry workforce. 
    • Increased funding for public transportation and infrastructure initiatives.
    • Safety initiatives that protect the welfare of our workforce.
    • Rational and reasonable environmental and business regulation reforms.
    • Proposals to increase funding for capital construction.
    • Rational and reasonable prevailing wage reforms.
    • Tax simplification on construction activities.


    • Proposals that unreasonably increase business taxes, costs, or regulations.
    • Proposals that divert funds from dedicated programs to other unrelated purposes.
    • Public construction procurement methods that are not well vetted or do not have a consensus of support within the affected AGC contractor membership.
    • Environmental proposals that impose unnecessary burdens on contractors that are not practical, or are not economically and technically feasible.
    • Detrimental land-use laws that make development efforts unreasonably difficult or costly.