Our Working Committees

Our Working Committees

Make and impact and get involved.

Our committees take a deeper dive at specific issues affecting our industry and organization.  We are looking for members to share their expertise in guiding our work agenda by serving on one of our committees.   

Education & Workforce Development Committee

AGC East Tennessee provides members with educational opportunities to learn about the industry and business of construction, as well as instruct people who may be interested in entering the construction industry on the high school and post-secondary level.  The Education Committee advises staff on meaningful programs for continuing education for members, as well as workforce development opportunities.  This Committee is leading the industry effort for the new AGC-led Construction Career Center.

Technology and Innovation Committee

The Technology and Innovation Committee focuses on new technology, innovation, and diversification within the architecture, engineering and construction community in an effort to bring our industry in line with other markets and keep pace with Chattanooga’s cutting edge mindset.  

Subcontractor Committee

This committee gives our subcontractors and specialty contractors a forum to identify key issues impacting the trades and to communicate and provide influence on these issues to the general contracting communities.

Legal and Legislative Committee

Our Legal and Legislative Committee works to ensure that policies and laws are being considered to advance the industry and the businesses within the industry.  We rely on input not only from our member law firms 

Events and Programming

Known as the “fun” committee, this group creates avenues for our members to connect through social and learning opportunities is an important part of what we do.  From tournaments to business meetings, happy hours, tours,  and more intimate gatherings, we want to offer a variety of points of connectivity that are fun, inspiring and motivational.

Hard Hatted Women

In partnership with the Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute (CWLI), this is a fun and social forum designed for women in construction to address the issues unique to women in the industry. This group will blend social mixers with programs on leadership, empowerment, communications and conflict resolution.