Holly Hill Construction was founded in 2000 by Drew Lancaster. Initially the company started in roofing, but quickly added framing, siding and custom remodels. In 2005, Holly Hill built its first boat dock and roughly 11 years later, Chattanooga Dock Builders was formed. Holly Hill now consists of three different business units – Chattanooga Dock Builders, Restore Roofing and H&H Property Management. 

Meet Daniel Miller, the Vice President of Operations at Chattanooga Dock Builders. Hailing from Liberty, Utah to Chattanooga, Tennessee, Daniel’s story began during the Great Recession when he made the decision to answer an ad in the Times Free Press that brought him to the heart of the south.

Starting at the grassroots level, Daniel’s initiation into the construction industry involved cleaning job sites. His dedication and diligence propelled him upward to the role of superintendent.

Daniel’s interest in building things traces back to his early years. As a child, he was often found in the basement looking for something to build and piece together. This passion laid the foundation for a career in construction.

As the VP of Operations at Chattanooga Dock Builders, Daniel is entrusted with a multifaceted role. While his primary focus revolves around overseeing sales and estimating, his influence extends to shaping the overall health and direction of the company. Chattanooga Dock Builders is an arm of Holly Hill Construction which has two other business units attached – Restore Roofing and H&H Property Management. Holly Hill takes pride in being a core value-driven company, ensuring that every team member not only understands the company’s core values, but also memorizes these guiding principles.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Daniel has a unique set of hobbies that provide balance to his busy life. An avid forager, he spends his free time hunting for mushrooms and also has a passion for free diving and spearfishing, pursuits he embraced about ten years ago, finding them to be both exhilarating and relaxing.

Daniel’s commitment to continuous learning and growth is further highlighted by his past experiences. He received a small scholarship funded by AGC East Tennessee while pursuing a degree in Construction Management at UTC. Now, as a new member of AGC East Tennessee, he is excited about expanding his network, accessing valuable training resources, and ultimately, finding meaningful ways to give back to the community.