Construction Leadership 

This course was designed by contractor executives to expose emerging leaders in construction to the many facets of a construction business.   From personal leadership development to discussing the intricacies of construction businesses, the intent of this 13-session course is to prepare those who hope to serve in managerial and supervisory positions.  

Session 1:  Identifying Personal Strengths / Birkman Assessment
Mike Harrell, Owner of Latitude Advisors, LLC
Thursday, March 30, 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Leaders set the tone, expectations, and attitudes of their organizations, and because these key individuals have such a great influence on those around them, they must develop impeccable awareness of their behavior and of how others interpret it. Equally important for leaders is having the ability to manage and lead in a way that is well received by others and the ability to effectively communicate during high pressure moments.

Attendees will take a Birkman Assessment prior to the class. In this session, each participant will receive a copy of their report outlining interests, strengths, needs, and stress behaviors.  Latitude Advisors will review individual results, perform exercises to review Birkman data, and explore how strengths of others can be leveraged to enhance performance.

​Session 2:  Elements of Exemplary Leaders and Personal Leadership Style
Mike Harrell, Owner of Latitude Advisors, LLC
Friday, March 31, 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Now that you’ve identified your strengths, how do you leverage those attributes into successful leadership?  This session will discuss application of your strengths in building a dynamic team and corporate culture, explore the Five Exemplary Practices of leadership, and evaluate individual alignment.  Based on Birkman Assessment results, attendees will identify and explore personal leadership styles and identify possible relational disrupters.

​Session 3:  Construction Law, Part 1 – Contracts and Safety Compliance 
Presented by Miller & Martin, Attorneys Randy Wilson, Larry Cash, John Bode, and Richard Rose
Friday, April 14, 8 am – 10 am

This esteemed and experienced panel of construction lawyers will share the basics of construction law , covering contracting, pertinent statutory laws, employment and labor issues, OSHA, whistleblowers, and claims and dispute resolution. They will discuss the lessons they’ve learned, and common pitfalls to avoid.

​Session 4:  Construction Law, Part 2 – Prompt Pay and Lien Laws
Presented by Miller & Martin, Attorneys Randy Wilson, Richard Rose and Haley Moody
Friday, April 28, 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Laws affecting the construction industry are in constant flux and, with much risk on the shoulders of all parties involved in a project, having a solid understanding of construction law is a necessity.  Prompt Pay Act and Lien Law are two of the more complex issues that can wreak financial havoc on projects and construction companies.  In this session, seasoned Miller & Martin construction lawyers will explain the basics and their affect on day to day operations.

​Session 5: Ethics in Construction
Presented by Arch Willingham with TU Parks and Theresa Critchfield with TLC Law
Friday, May 5, 8 am – 10 am
Over the course of your career, you’ll be faced with difficult decision making that will challenge your moral compass.  Hear some of the hard judgment calls that you may have to deal with and learn from the experiences of a seasoned business leader in construction and a dynamic construction attorney on how to navigate uncomfortable territory.

​Session 6: Effective Negotiations
Presented by Dan Gilmore, Principal of Squire Strategies, Adjunct Professor at UTC
Friday, May 19, 8:30 am – 10:30 am
There’s an art to get what you want.  In this session, you will explore negotiation strategies and tactics to prepare and conduct effective negotiations.  Participants will learn how to build their skills to get the upper hand, no matter the setting, through interactive discussion and then by demonstrating what you’ve learned into action.

Session 7: Conflict Resolution
Presented by Dan Gilmore, Principal of Squire Strategies, Adjunct Professor at UTC
Friday, June 2, 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Everyone in construction has dealt with their fair share of conflict, and chances are that some of those situations didn’t go too well.  Learn informal and formal strategies
to handle sticky situtations with finesse and different methods of conflict resolution in this interactive session.


Session 8: How to Win With People
Presented by Deborah Gunn, CEO of INSPIRE
Friday, June 9, 8 am – 10 am
Whether you’re on a podium or on a jobsite, speaking with confidence is the best way to command an audience and grab attention. In this interactive session, Deborah Gunn will help you learn skills to emulate authority and get people on your side!

​Session 9: Shaping Policy and the Politics of Construction
First hour will be panel with city, county and state legislators; second hour with AGC of America’s legislative team,  lobbyists and public policy strategists
Friday, July 7, 8 am – 10 am
If you think laws regarding construction are passed without influence from AGC members, think again!  Your voice has the power to change laws and policies that can help or hurt business and industry.  For the past 100 years, AGC members have been at the helm of legislative battles to make sure that legislators are passing fair and equitable laws at the local, state and federal level.  Learn how to influence pivotal decisions and how to get things done to improve policies and help your business.


​Session 10: Show Me The Money!
Presented by Dean Krech, CPA, Partner with JHM Certified Public Accountants
Friday, July 21, 8 am – 10 am

In construction it all comes down to the dollar bills.  Get a better understanding of  what you need to know about construction finances, including how to read a financial statement, pertient tax information, job cost reporting, and other financial tips to specific to construction.  Participants will also gain a better understanding of how bonding works, why it’s important and best practices to protect your project against disruption or financial loss.

Session 11: Embracing Innovation
Presented by Josh Bone, Director of Innovation for NECA (tentative)
Friday, July 28, 8 am – 10 am
The way we do business in the construction industry will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 50 years.  Is your company ready to embrace change?  In this session we will explore how you can help guide your company into accepting new processes and smart tools that can improve efficiency.

Session 12: CEO Roundtable
A session with the top brass in construction
Friday, TBD, 12 pm – 2 pm
Have a seat with the GOATs in our industry.  In this casual discussion with CEOs of some of the largest construction in the region, you’ll hear their stories on how they grew into leadership positions, their greatest challenges, and how the continue to evolve professionally and personally to lead their teams towards success.

Closing Reception  
Location to be determined by the class

Thursday, August 3, 5 pm
And now we celebrate our graduates!  Join us for a reception with spouses/significant others and special guests as we toast our leaders in construction!

Deadline to register is March 23. The online Birkman Assessment must be taken by March 24.

AGC Members: $1100
Non-AGC Members: $1800

This course is limited to 15 people. Classes will be held on Fridays from 8:30 – 10:30 am at the Construction Career Center unless otherwise noted.

Construction Leadership Registration
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